Strategic Procurement Systems

The GPL is helping governments implement Strategic Procurement Systems, through which they will regularly identify their highest priority procurements early enough in the procurement cycle to allow for robust planning and application of results-driven contracting strategies. By implementing a strategic, outcomes-oriented approach to procurement, governments can:

  • Systematically set up and manage their procurements and contracts to meet contract-specific goals and jurisdiction-wide strategic objectives;

  • Create jurisdiction-wide visibility for high priority procurements;

  • Enhance structures for intra/interdepartmental communications and coordination for high priority procurements;

  • Develop a network of procurement experts by building resources and capacity of staff to effectively structure key procurements; and

  • Elevate the procurement function within government.

Louisville, KY Strategic Procurement System

As part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative, the GPL provided pro bono technical assistance to help Louisville design and pilot a strategic procurement system to improve the outcomes of the City’s contracted dollars.

Los Angeles Strategic Procurement System

The GPL is helping the City of Los Angeles create a formalized outcomes-oriented strategic procurement system that aims to modernize and improve the results of their contracting process. Currently, the City has a decentralized procurement system, which has contributed to departments often not achieving top results from their contracted dollars.