RDC Solutions BookResults-Driven Contracting Solutions: How Cities are Improving the Outcomes of High-Priority Procurements




Connecticut PIImproving the Match Between Connecticut Families and Child Welfare Services




Massachusetts HomelessnessReducing Chronic Homelessness in Massachusetts




Connecticut PFSHelping Families Combat Substance Use: Connecticut Family Stability Project





CA policy brief imageImplementation of California's AB1837 Pay for Success Initiative and Opportunities for Expanded Impact




uk_tfp_image.pngUK Troubled Families Programme: Lessons from Local Authorities





vendor_image.pngStrategies for Improving Vendor Diversity in Government Contracting








acm_image.pngActive Contract Management: How Governments Can Collaborate More Effectively with Social Service Providers to Achieve Better Results




liebman_using_data_image.pngUsing Data to Make More Rapid Progress in Addressing Difficult U.S. Social Problems




behavioral_health_image.pngPromising Solutions to Our Nation’s Behavioral Health Crisis





dc_water_image.pngDC Water Environmental Impact Bond





sc_imageSouth Carolina Nurse Family Partnership Pay for Success Project




bernco_image.pngImproving Behavioral Health Services in Bernalillo County, New Mexico





denver_pfs.pngDenver Permanent Supportive Housing Pay for Success Project




ri_dcyf.pngImproving Services for Children, Youth, and Families in Rhode Island





ma_pathways_image.pngMassachusetts Pathways to Economic Advancement Pay for Success Project





nys_pfs_image.pngNew York State Pay for Success Project: Employment to Break the Cycle of Re-Incarceration




Innovations in ProcurementBusiness as Usual Can Be the Riskiest Procurement Approach 


sibs_101.pngSocial Impact Bonds 101





homelessness_metrics.pngOutcome and Process Metrics Developed for Seattle’s Homeless Services Contracts




Gearing Up to Improve Metro-Boston’s Bike Share With Results-Driven Contracting




Shifting Gears: Using Results-Driven Contracting to Improve Metro-Boston's Bike Share Procurement





Seven Strategies for Engaging Vendors to Improve Contracting Results




How Cities Can Improve their Procurement of Goods and Services



Shaking up the Routine: How Seattle is Implementing Results-Driven Contracting Practices to Improve Outcomes for People Experiencing Homelessness





The Top Ten Procurement Challenges Facing Cities





 ”Pay for Success” in the UK and the US




What Contracting Has To Do With Solving Homelessness





City Hall's Technology Journey: Using Data to Improve the Lives of Citizens




  GPL- Results-Driven Contracting: An Overview - February 2016





SIB Lab Response to the U.S. Department of Treasury Request for Information, "Strategies to Accelerate the Testing and Adoption of Pay for Success Finance Models" - December 2013




SIB Lab - Social Impact Bond Guide for State and Local Governments - June 2013






The Brookings Institution - Building on Recent Advances in Evidence Based Policy Making - April 2013





San Fransisco Federal Reserve Journal - Social Impact Bonds: Lessons Learned So Far - February 2013





Center for American Progress - Social Impact Bonds - February 2011